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Grandma Dee's Pet Care

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

in the Rancho Penasquitos areas

of north San Diego

There is no need to worry about leaving your pets at home when you are away. Grandma Dee’s Pet Care provides in-home pet sitting visits, dog walking and TLC that ensures your pet pal is safe, well-cared for and much happier than it would be in a kennel setting or left on its own.
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Pet Sitting

In-your-home pet care visits for dogs, cats, birds, rodents and fish. While you’re away, we will see to it that your pets get the care and attention they need.
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Dog Walking

Daily dog walks are important for your dog’s mental and physical health. Let us get your dog out for a walk while you’re away from home. 

Pets’ Reasons to Let Grandma Dee’s do it:

dog and cat
  • No danger of exposure to illnesses and other pets as they would be in a kennel setting.
  • No cages, bars or confinement.
  • Less anxiety and stress than they would experience in strange surrounding.
  • Pets will be much happier sleeping in their own beds, in their own homes, eating their own food and continuing their own routines.
  • Regular dog walking can help alleviate the stress and boredom of being left alone all day while busy pet parents are at work.

Your Reasons to Let Grandma Dee’s do it:

  • No need to impose on neighbors or friends.
  • Peace of mind; you know your pets are comfortable, happy and safe.
  • No check-in or check-out schedule means more flexibility for you.
  • Training routines are enforced per your instructions.
  • Grandma Dee’s can also see to plant watering, bringing in the mail and other services to make your home have that “lived in look” when you are away for longer periods.
  • And, best of all. no one can love them better than we can. With Grandma Dee’s Pet Care, your pets will look forward to cuddling and play, just like our own “grandpets.”

Contact Us for a Free Home Consultation

Please allow at least one week before your planned departure to set up this critical first meeting. That’s where we get to know one another and I get to know your pets and routines – and the pet(s) learn that I’m not an unknown intruder. This will make for a much smoother transition for your pet(s) – and for you and me.

Hello and Happy Sunday, Grandma Dee! We are back! Thank you very much, and I am happy to hear my babies were good for you. They must have eaten because the dishes were empty when we got here. Which is perfect! We will be calling you for the next time! I am very satisfied with

Mike & Jenn (Sadie and Dozer too!)
Dear Grandma Dee, I can’t tell you how comforting it was to get regular emails that detailed what was going on with our three cats while we were away. To know how they were eating and responding was such a comfort. Even getting the updates regarding their little “accidents” let us know they were being

Julie & Martin

Thank you for the excellent care you provided to Max and Kato while we were on vacation. They both seemed very content when we arrived home late last night. We will definitely be calling you the next time we need a pet sitter.

We’ve been using Grandma Dee’s Pet Care for about 4 years for mid-day dog walking during the week. We initially hired Grandma Dee after our dog had surgery and needed someone to check in on her while we were at work. Our dog is very wary of strangers and has major trust issues. Grandma Dee

I have used Grandma Dees’s for several years…for as short as three days and as long as two weeks. I know that my cat is well taken care of, my house checked up on daily while I am gone. I appreciate being able to enjoy my vacation without worrying about what is going on at

Wendy E.