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Pet Sitting

There is no need to worry about leaving your pets at home when you are away. Grandma Dee’s Pet Care provides in-home pet sitting visits, dog walking and TLC that ensures your pet pal is safe, well-cared for and much happier than it would be in a kennel setting or left on its own.

Carmel Mountain dog walker

Dog Walking

Exercise is crucial to your dog’s well-being. Without it they can become aggressive and destructive. If you are working or away all day, leaving the dog to run in the back yard, or cooped up inside your home, you may be experiencing some of these unpleasant behaviors. Walking is a good way to give your dog a break during the day and get in some much-needed exercise.

We walk your dog(s) by themselves. We do not walk other clients’ dogs with yours. If you have more than one dog, we can walk as many as two at a time. We never let the dog off – leash except in your enclosed, secure yard. We don’t do dog parks due to possible contact with aggressive or diseased dogs. Your dog’s safety and well-being is paramount.

Grandma Dee’s Pet Care Rates

All the fees below are basic fees for one pet. Add $2 per cat for more than 1 cat; $5 for each extra dog. Maximum of 2 dogs at a time for walks.

Pet sitting and dog walking at your home

  • 15 Minute visit — $19.00 each visit
  • 30 Minute visit — $22.00 each visit
  • 45 Minute visit — $29.00 each visit
  • 60 Minute visit — $38.00 each visit

Other Pet Sitting Services – visits to your home

  • Bird (small) 1 cage $16.00 each visit ($2 each additional cage per visit)
  • Bird (large) 1 cage $19.00 each visit ($2 each additional bird per visit)
  • Caged Rodents $16.00 each visit ($2 each additional cage per visit)
  • Fish $16 each visit per aquarium ($2 each additional aquarium per visit)
  • Subcutaneous fluids or injections for cats (cooperative cats only!) – $5 per injection

Other Charges

  • Holiday Fee: Additional $10.00 per visit each holiday or holiday eve. Included holidays are: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving day, Christmas Eve, Christmas day. Note that MLK Day, Presidents’ Day, and Veterans’ Day are at the regular rates.
  • Late Cancellation: 20% of billing for less than 48 hours notice for regular visits;
  • 40% for holidays.
  • Short Notice: Additional $15 for request less than 36 hours before departure date.
  • Key Pickup or Return: $5 each trip; free to mail it (1 key).
  • Supply run: $10 per trip plus cost of supplies.
  • Gasoline surcharge: 22¢ per mile for each mile over 10 miles one way.

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